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Wednesday 22 February, 2012

Corolla Update – Carbon Fiber, and Poly

What do you do with a beat up, old carbon fiber hood?  Recycle it!  It’s fairly easy to gather the tools needed.  All you need is some cardboard to make a template, knife, something to cut the carbon (I used a high speed air cutting tool), a measuring tape, and a brain. Start by creating […]

Thursday 03 November, 2011

TE72 Photoshoot

Took some time the other day to head down to Snook’s Dream Cars and take some photos of the TE.  I’ve been happy to be driving the car before the season ends.

Wednesday 31 August, 2011

TE72 Update! …under new management

There was a small shift in car ownership in the recent weeks.  After such, I am now the proud owner of a “new to me” 1981 Toyota Corolla with a 20v blacktop engine! The car is going through the final assembly stages at the moment, with just a few details left to complete before I […]

Thursday 31 March, 2011

Mini Corolla Update (Diamond Racing Inside!)

When I came home from work this afternoon 4 lovely sized boxes were sitting on my rear porch…

Friday 11 March, 2011

Actual Corolla work Part: 1

The real work begins! (Reminder to click the title to view the posts and not the Image)…

Tuesday 08 March, 2011

MR2 work and the first of new Part’s Arrive!

But what is it?!

Sunday 27 February, 2011

Video for Ryan