Jason Thompson



Name: Jason Thompson

Occupation: Pilot

Automotive Background: I began working at a car museum at the age of 16.  The owner took me with him to go racing every summer in VSCDA and SCCA events.  This got me hooked on road racing and vintage cars all at once.  From there I purchased some Japanese cars (see the list) and got started with Auto-X and Road Racing.  Now I primarily race in the NASA series, working toward a full competition license.

Current Car: 95 Jaguar XJ6 VDP, 83 Toyota Corolla

Past Cars: 50 Studebaker, 91 CRX Si, 93 Prelude Si, 01 Civic, 93 240sx, 01 Miata Turbo, 00 Miata, 06 Subaru 2.5i, and 71 MG B

Next Car: Not sure yet, probably something from the Brits

Quote: “This episode of Futurama is brought to you by Thompson’s Teeth, the only teeth strong enough to eat other teeth.”

Honorable Mention: Terry Stetler for teaching me some of his vast auto knowledge and Aaron and Keith for all the help in the last few years.