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Wednesday 29 September, 2010

Brooklands Screen has arrived!

I’ve acquired one of the two Brooklands Aeroscreens needed for the MG project!

Monday 27 September, 2010

The Bookmobile joins Team Penguin

A recent addition is the Wood County Library’s former bookmobile.  Built on a Chevy van 30 chassis, the bookmobile contains a 4000 watt generator that draws fuel from a shared tank with the engine petrol, a propane heater, as well as a RV-style A/C and heater unit.  More photos of the interior to come soon!

Monday 13 September, 2010


The paint for the MGB arrived this weekend.  Color looks good! Now it’s time to finish the wetsand on the car and its go time

Wednesday 01 September, 2010


Whilst Driving to Class this morning I was all but 2-3 miles from my exit for school. And my tire loses all it’s air. So my good Friend Eric graciously came and picked me. Then our teammate Jason drove me back so I could change out the tire.  Under Further Inspection the tire had a […]