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Monday 30 August, 2010

NWOR Auto-x 8-29-2010

The NWOR SCCA Solo event at Toledo Express was a great success Sunday.  Andrew’s BMW M3 handled great on the track.  More photos are after the jump.

Sunday 29 August, 2010

Quick Pic: Supra and Miata

Saturday 21 August, 2010

Stoots get a wing nut

Every car needs a wingnut somewhere, here is the one on the E30

Saturday 21 August, 2010

An empty shop

An empty shop is not always a bad thing.  This week involved some major updates for both the cars in the shop.  Brian’s BMW had some cooling issues that have been resolved, and my MGB is to the paint booth for its primer coat.

Saturday 14 August, 2010

Random Snap: Supra

Ryan’s supra is alive! Obligatory gas station shot to follow…